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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

texas hold em'

So sorry about the delay in posting i got my hands on this game and had college classes to go too all week. Well, i can say that i got back into hold em' when i saw that the heat schedule and it got classy. last night it got real classy, played online and held my own with guys on the 3 diamond table for 2 hours, felt pretty pro about it. posts will be pretty bad till about saturday when i have time to talk more. but i can say now that this is a pretty good game to brush up on some poker skills.


Max Power said...

3 diamond table...is that good?

odis9000 said...

yeah, highest table you can play in a tournament on live. the people on that table have more than 250k.

aamedor said...

cant say Im much good at poker, I do like to get everyone else my money occasionally though

MRanthrope said...

I'm horrible at poker/cards. Must practice MOAR.