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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

...and i'm back

hey there people just wanted to say that i'm back and after my absence i'm extremely sorry. I got a little too involved in real life that it got a bit sticky on many occasions and i barely managed to hold it together.

Friday, November 4, 2011

oh shit

Well, look who the cat dragged in. for those of you who follow, i'm guessing you have a pretty good idea who that is, but i come offering things that should be relevant to your interests at least a tad bit. So, major things that have kept me from blogging just an fyi would be projects, finals, working out, and xbox. the projects needless to say have been taking up tons of time and they suck balls. working out, well, it just needs to be done, right? and xbox please, if you don't want to play vidya games, get out. Now. But alas my sweet children i shall tell you that with skyrim coming out in 7 days, projects/finals about done and working out me blogging will be sporadic at best and i'll at least try to get song of the day up and a daily basis, so please work with me on that. and without further ado here's some songs