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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

...and i'm back

hey there people just wanted to say that i'm back and after my absence i'm extremely sorry. I got a little too involved in real life that it got a bit sticky on many occasions and i barely managed to hold it together.

So i'm going to tell you guys i'm going to start to make a better effort to let you guys know of my shenanigans and adventures, along with a few other gems that i have found in my like month off of blogging.

Now, it's time for my little show and tell of a few things i think you should watch just for the being high. If you haven't heard of Charlie Bronson, you will now. here's a clip of the movie.

i have never been so high as to continually laugh my ass off as much as i did; and then again when i watched it the second time sober and totally un-high.

The second little gem i have for you guys is the show Parks & Recreation, my friend told me about it and continually said it was a good watch. i watched it and it was as good as he said, to me at least.

(add giggles here) And i'll just say, i'll be making my rounds on all the blogs i follow friends.


Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

Don't let it happen again. Glad to have you back.

Natural One said...

It happens, no biggie