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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What? and Song of the day #6

So, all day today i have been getting calls on my cell from a private number and answered it. On the other end a guy with a super raspy/deep voice says "is Robert there?" i say "yeah, he is." and the guy hangs up, and all i can think is, "what?" you tell me why a possible rapist is calling my cell because i sure as hell don't.

i found this song one day when i was have a ball with foreign music and i loved it from the moment i hard the beat it had. Also the dubstep version by Omega. Listen to these songs at least 7 times a week.


Max Power said...

i want a pair of those glasses so bad. Song is freaking awesome too. lol

Tony Storm said...

im coco for cocorosie

MRanthrope said...

shit man, hope you don't get raped by the cell phone monster.

Anonymous said...

My musical horizons have been expanded. Whoa..