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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

that little update that's kind of (really) late :s

Well I have been slacking these last few weeks on the blog, as if you guys didn't know that, real life took a shot at me and decided it should rule for a few weeks and get me out and about.
    Well, to start off on my story of real life and the oddities that it entails is quite the weird/boring/funny(?) shall begin.It all started at the end of November and most of December, leading to quite the grand finish on new years day.
    At the end of November, it all started with me getting super high and hanging out with my friend Brandon playing Skyrim at his place (had just sold it to him) and talking to his girlfriend about how she almost died smoking once. It was quite the funny story and we laughed for about 10 minutes at the story, which looking back wasn't really that funny at all. She just took a huge bong rip and then started to choke and her lips turned blue and then she fainted; it was just one of those stories you had to be there and actually listen to it.
     Fast forward to December 9th, there i am on facebook, friend hits me up, says "dude, we're going to B-dubs, i'm outside now." fast forward 20 minutes and here we are talking to a very sweet and incredihot waitress, the group starts talking to her everytime she comes around to out table. we'd been drinking for a while, i decide to go for the kill; say she's cute & ask for number, it worked (i was obviously not drunk enough for it to fail/ "alpha as fuck moment" < says my friend Steve.
    Fast forward a week, it's the 16th, my friend zac breaks up with his girlfriend because she goes completely psycho on facebook about something my friend and i thought about doing, but sadly didn't. They break up and i giggle and he fumes, all is well in the real world. untill she comes to town and they are back together :( (really boys and girls, it happened just like that, sadly.)
     It's now the 23rd, go to family christmas lunch/dinner/gathering and proceed to cause all sorts of shenanigans. meet my cousins Spanish girlfriend (yes, from Spain, not Mexico) scare Tessa and make her angry/playful, refuses to sit in a chair with me in the vicinity behind her for fear of chair tipping over backwards.
     Fast forward, 24th & 25th, play xbox with friends and then proceed to open presents on christmas day. have tons of fun telling people to shut up, let me sleep and go dies.
    Fast forward 27th, my cousin Jens' boyfriend calls my friend zac while he's at work (on a golf course no less) and proceeds to yell and threaten him about him trying to get with her through texting and the sorts. I've seen all the texts of her trying to hook up with him, laughing my ass off each and everytime. He calls me at 12:30, lunch break for him and tells me laughing and tells me not to worry about it, i laugh and say if it gets worse call me or something. 3:24, i get the call he is irate with my cousins boyfriend because he really doesn't like being called 7 times during work being bitched at by some guy he doesn't know. Da da da, i step in and text cousin and her boyfriend say to stop and she's lying. cousin proceeds to say what texts? and you would choose friends over family? fuck you! i laugh at her and say i saw all the texts every time she sent one out because he forwarded each of them to me and we laughed together. she proceeds to not talk to me, boyfriend is taken care of and i get the last laugh bitches.
     Fast forward, december 31st, i'm siting in my room drinking hairy buffalo playing modern warfare 3, friend calls tells me to come to his brothers house and we'll have a party there, ok i'm in. 5 minutes later i'm drinking whiskey and playing  Fuck the dealer, get a bit drunker, come back home get hairy buffalo and bring it back. 30 minutes later, buzzing like a man and playing some other drinking game, proceeded to get drunk.
    11:59, smoke a bowl and watch the ball drop, proceed to learn and play spades, everyone finishes off patron, whiskey, hairy buffalo, i'm destroyed and start calling spades spuds, pregnant friend laughs and makes fun of me rest of night, clubs start looking like spades, i get yelled at by steve, laugh hard, continue playing spade for an hour.
   1:00 A.M, i walk in the house, dad looks at me from the couch, "you drunk?" me, "verryy" walk upstairs to my room and play modern warfare for 5 minutes realize i can't even hold the controler, turn off xbox.
   4:34 A.M, Wake up on bathroom floor, sleeping, no puke in site or in the toilet, but poo is, sober up real quick. Check surroundings for any signs of anything out of the ordinary, breath sigh of relief after all is well and accounted for, sleep.
    9:00 A.M, Wake up, no hangover, super stoked, take shower, lay in bed watch how i met your mother
    11:45 A.M. friend clint calls to tell me Matt got arrested last night, for underage, breaking and entering, contributing to a minor, i laugh hardest in my life. Matt by the way, is not well liked, but we like to hangout with him because he's kind of a sport to us.
   4:30 P.M learn full story of what happened that night, great tennis was had 2011/12 and will never forget that.
 And that was my last month and a half, how was yours?
Song of the new year that should have been played the first


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Real life has a way of getting in the way of my blog. It pisses me off.

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i hear that.

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Don't worry man. Life gave me a kick in the balls as well.