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Sunday, February 12, 2012

ok dudes

So, I feel like i got things all worked out and it should be fantastic for me on doing the blog.
I going to start doing the blog on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, since those seem to be the only time when I can really accomplish things. I'll give you a rundown of whats been going on lately with what I've been doing when I have the chance.

Video games: Battlefield 3 - I have been playing this occasionally every week or so and have gotten decent at it to where I can hold my own. Best time I have had in this was on Tehran Highway where I sniped an enemy from a turret on a dune-buggy/jeep thing.
      Resident Evil 5: Just started playing this last night and my night got away from me, hence why i'm on right now, updating the blog. It's really fun from what I've had the time playing and my friends and cousins say it's really good later on in the game.
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: It's ok, I don't much like it, it's been the same thing since the first modern warfare, but with different guns. The story of the games have been good, but this is the shortest one by far of any game I have played.
Movies: yes, just to say, i'm going to start updating with posts about movies and T.V. shows that I think are ok/good and will let you guys know so you can give them a shot or not.
    American Werewolf in London: great movie, got some of the cheesy lines from time to time, but overall good, goes perfectly with it's cult movie status.

T.V. shows: Trailer Park Boys is a great show that I think everybody should watch. follows the life of Ricky, Julius and Bubbles as they do their thing to try to make money. It's hilarious and Canadian at the trailer park.

That just about sums up my update for today, but i'll leave you guys with something to listen to just because.
First song I learned on guitar, kind of proud of that.


Dreadnaught said...

RE5 is great but if you have a PS2 or points for XBL get RE4 is tons better. Ew MW3...All about BF3 lol.

odis9000 said...

I'll have to check it out, thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to play guitar. :(

KingDota said...

Yeah, having a routine like posting every other day is great to fight laziness. Keep going